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Hook for Tool Bag Rubber Band for 79+ Late Model (40 Series)


Model: FJ40 / FJ43 / FJ45 / FJ55 / BJ40 / BJ43/ HJ43 / HJ45

Years: 1979-1984

Description:  This metal hook for tool bag area is located in the passenger wheel well on 79+ late model 40 series.  This hook is used to suspend and stretch the rubber band around the other 2 clamps, which keeps the tool bag (btwn them) from moving, bouncing around, etc.  There are 1 of these for every tool bag area.  This piece is an OEM spec piece made by Heritage Cruisers out of steel.  

(Note: OEM these were bolted into built in nut; on passenger wheel well under the jump seat please contact us if you would like a diagram that shows the distance and/or spacing between the this hole and the other 2 holes for the 'clamps'--this will be helpful for tub replacements that dont already have the holes).